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In 2009 the original Shree Aanku Primary School at Masser near Khahare was destroyed by a landslide in the monsoon rains. Help Rural Nepal was founded to raise funds to rebuild this school by assisting in the purchase of a new site on flatter ground, and with the help of local craftsmen as much as possible was salvaged from the old school and reused.   The replacement school with 4 classrooms, a library, a staff room and 2 toilets was completed in 2010.

Between 2010 and 2015, when the school was badly damaged by the earthquakes, many improvements continued to be made.  These included carpeting the concrete floors, painting the classrooms with colourful murals, new benches and tables were provided so the children no longer had to sit and work on the floor.  

Following sponsorship by ERM we were able to supply solar panels for the school which provided a single light bulb per classroom and sufficient power to run two computers.

A very generous bequest from a dear friend enabled us to set up a library and new books were brought and delivered to the school - this was a very complicated process involving taxis in Kathmandu, bus journeys and finally being portered to the school.  Volunteers catalogued the books and taught the teachers how to start running the library.

Following the 2015 earthquakes it was decided to move the remaining primary school to Shree Achane school in Khahare and to allow the local college to use this larger site for their replacement facilities.

When we visited this school site a few months after the earthquake it was remarkable to find the solar panels were still working the lights!  All the library books were recovered and distributed to neighbouring schools.

Shree Aanku Primary School at Masser