Since 2009 and with the financial help and expertise of several UK based Rotary clubs we have provided  Books,computers,library refurbishment, built classrooms, given sports equipmen and installed solar panels in sites where there was no power available.

Some volunteers have stayed in the community and helped with teaching at the primary school and secondary schools providing help with English language in particular as well as computer classes.  Some libraries have had new library catalogues set up and have had a few computers and printers installed.

Help Rural Nepal has supported 6 schools and 1 college all in the Dhading region:-

Shree Aanku Primary School in Massar (ages 5-9 years),

Shree Janajyoti Lower Secondary School at Sukaura - a middle school (ages 5-14years)

Shree Achane Higher Secondary School at Khahare (9-18 years and also has a primary department).

Netrawati Community Multiple Campus – a college (17-20 years).

And since 2016 we have also started to support:-

Chandsory Lower Secondary School

Karki Gaun Higher Secondary School

Triperesudari Higher Secondary School.

Teacher Training:

In 2016 we also provided Teacher Training Update courses for teachers at Shree Achane Higher Secondary School.  The course offers support and training to teachers in isolated schools, introducing new ideas and raising the standard of teaching.  Many teachers from different schools made long journeys to attend the course.