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Following the 2015 earthquakes when local farmers lost their farm animals we donated funds to set up a women's micro-financing group.  Each funded group are able to select individuals to award a loan to e.g. to buy animals lost in the earthquake.  In an agreed period i.e. 12 months the individual women repay the money plus some interest which enables more women to be added to the group.

We started with one group and due to its success we now support several more groups.

Following the earthquakes in 2015 we were able to provide aid and assistance to the area including providing 65 temporary shelters, tents to replace school buildings and emergency supplies of food, clothing and school equipment for both children and staff.   Read more

Community and micro-finance


We concentrate on supporting Government schools in the district of Dhading.  We currently support one college and seven local schools with the provision of library books, computers, some rebuilding of school buildings and provision of new toilet blocks and running water for hand washing.  Read more.

Our health programme supports individual cases, health camps, projects at the local health posts as well as providing some training to local health workers.  With the support of a Dutch charity, Hands for Teeth Nepal Foundation, we have arranged 3 Dental camps in the area.  The visiting dental team arrange training prior to the camps for local health workers and supervise their practical experience during the camps.  Dental hygeine training is offered to local schools.  Villagers from the surrounding areas walked long distances to reach the camps which provide free dental treatment and advice. Each camp treated around 200 people.  Read more.


Project fundraising and supervision

Working with Path Nepal, our NGO partner based in Kathmandu, we agree the scope and costs of potential projects which have been specified by the relevant local community committees. Once a project scope is agreed we work in the UK to raise the appropriate funding - this is often done with local Rotary Clubs as well as schools, friends, families and various fundraising activities.  Our Chair Pam Raffety, who travels to Nepal frequently, monitors progress of the projects and reports back to the relevant sponsors.    The Trustees do not use any charity funding for their travel or accommodations.    Read more.