Help Rural Nepal was set up in 2009 with the aim to improve healthcare and educational opportunities in a remote rural community in the Dhading District of Nepal.

Help Rural Nepal works closely with a Nepali registered Non Governmental Organisation, Pathe Nepal. Pathe Nepal provides the charity with local and cultural knowledge and supervises the charity's projects.

The chairman, Pam Raffety, goes to Nepal for 5 months every year to implement and supervise projects and the other 2 trustees also visit regularly.

On April 25th 2015 Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake- the community in Dhading was very near the epicentre and severely affected.  A second earthquake hit the area on 12th May.All houses, schools and buildings were either destroyed or badly damaged. Animals and belongings were lost.

All the schools were affected and the Primary school at Massar was completely destroyed.

None of our representatives were in Nepal at the time but our partners from the NGO Pathe Nepal were able to get emergency relief to the community within a few days. Inspite of many problems in Nepal at this time, Help Rural Nepal was able to send sufficient funds to Pathe Nepal for this relief work.

The first priority was to provide everyone with shelter and food: shelters, blankets, medical supplies and food were delivered by truck and distributed to 65 families.  We provided support for this traumatised community by assisting to clear debris on the road and making buildings safe as well as to rebuilding some toilets.

After the initial crisis, schools were encouraged to reopen. The charity was able to provide a large temporary school tent; School bags for 410 school children, each bag contained pens, exercise books, uniform, shoes and replacement text books for the college.

The earthquake changed our programmes and priorities. It also strengthened our commitment to this community and hope that we can continue to help with their recovery from this devastating event. We plan to continue to offer more opportunities for everyone in the future.  We are extremely grateful to Pathe Nepal for their dedication at this time when they were working in very difficult circumstances.

Help Rural Nepal Trust Deed states that the object of the charity are: -

To promote for the benefit of people living in Nepal, in particular but not exclusively, the Kharare area of Nepal by:

* the advancement of education and training

* the relief of sickness and the preservation of health; and

* the relief of financial hardship, either generally or individually, through the provision of grants, goods and services.